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We work on creating local climate solutions together. Our company, Blueskin Energy Limited, is working on establishing our proposed Blueskin Turbine embedded in the local grid. We want to make what is commonplace in other countries possible in New Zealand. Our ClimateSafeHouse project is a response to sea-level rise in Blueskin Bay and the wider area. BRCT is an IRD approved charitable trust formed in 2008 out of the need to support local sustainability and climate change initiatives in a planned and structured way.  We offer practical services, provide key support, have robust resources, lead innovative projects and provide expert advocacy. Check out our 2017 projects below and our 2016 success stories at the bottom of this page. 

Our Patron

Alongside our work on our Blueskin Turbine, we do a great many things.
Cosy Energy Advice Line (Local Call: 03 929 1323)
•    We provide a free phone/email advice service open to the wider Dunedin community regarding home heating, insulation, energy efficient lighting, etc.
•    Our advice is independent, and not influenced by selling products.

Firewood Programme
•    We offer bulk sales of logs to be processed for firewood
•    This is a lower-cost option for communities, charities, social organisations, etc.

Affordable insulation
•    We offer discounted quality insulation for residents prepared to do the installation themselves.
•    This is a low-cost option for DIYers, landlords and social organisations, etc.

Home Performance Assessments
•    We maintain a Dunedin wide service delivering independent expert assessments, appraisals and reports on their home performance to Dunedin residents.
•    We work with other social agencies to help support residents make their homes warm and cosy.

Healthy Rental Certification
•    We help landlords ensure compliance with the new requirements under the Residential Tenancies Act.
•    We give landlords and tenants the information they need to fix any issues and information on available subsidies.

Community office
•    We are a drop in centre for advice and support.
•    We work with individuals to catalyse community actions.
•    We provide community newsletters and articles each month.
•    We maintain a Local Food Directory to support local food initiatives.
•    We help to coordinate actions and develop collaboration to join up skills and build cooperate effort.
We are proud that Jeanette, our Patron, expresses so succinctly what we're about.


Current Project News in 2017 - January/February

Our Blueskin Turbine


Blueskin Energy work continues in 2017. The headline work being our proposed Blueskin turbine. We have amended the original proposal to mitigate the impact on nearby houses by reducing the number of turbines from three to one and locating that one as far as possible from the houses. We are taking our request to install one turbine on Porteous Hill to the Environment Court. This is the original idea first put forward by the community in 2006 and the amended proposal fits nicely within the original consent application. We are very confident that this is a very simple, low impact, viable proposal with good community support.

The Environment Court process allows us to address any concerns. It also allows all expert assessments to be evaluated and compared and allows a project to be objectively judged on its merits.

The Environment Court process will take place over the next 4 months. At the end of this process we will have a clear decision. Many Blueskin residents have strong environmental values and want to be able to face their children and grandchildren knowing they did as much as  possible to mitigate the effects of climate change. The proposed turbine does that by reducing our dependence on fossil fuels through the renewable electricity generated.. You can find us on Facebook and Twitter : we like social media! Email us at office@brct.org.nz or call us on 4822048 - we love to hear from you.


2014 09 02 Solar on roofFrom the office

Its great to see another local solar initiative get off the ground (read the December issue of the Blueskin News), this time independently of the Trust. We hope it can open up new opportunities effectively. Solar power, whether solar thermal (solar hot water) or solar PV (photovoltaics) can help reduce household energy demand. Generally, it makes sense to harness the sun’s energy and even though the feed in tariff – the amount paid to you by the electricity retailer for the power you supply to them when not using it – is ridiculously low, solar PV can be helpful if you work from home or are a high electricity user during the middle of the day when the sun is shining. You can also ‘stretch’ solar PV by installing storage options of some kind, with additional investment.

We don’t know any of the specific details of the latest push to encourage solar, however if you need to know what questions to ask, or what some of the potential pitfalls are, you can call our free advice service (call: 929 1323), weekday hours.

If you want to make a donation to assist our work follow the link or email BRCT at office@brct.org.nz, or Donate using internet banking via the website. Donations are tax deductible so please make sure we have your name and address and can thank you!


 Climate Safe Housing
Black Wing Gull houseAt 4pm, on Sunday the 19th of February, designs for a Climate Safe House will be on exhibition at the Gallery on Blueskin at Waitati. All welcome to the launch! The exhibition showcases the work of Otago Polytechnic Design students during 2016. A detailed design will be prepared in the first half of this year. We have valued working with the Design and Communications teams and their students at the Polytechnic and we’re excited about this project moving forward. Our longer term goal is to build a Climate Safe House, one that is affordable, relocatable, self-contained, warm and cosy. We’re working to provide an example solution to the challenges of our changing climate. Enphase Energy, a global energy technology company, is the first sponsor on-board, and has committed to providing a whole of house energy system including solar generation and grid-tied storage when the house is built, and we’re very excited to have such an innovative international company as a sponsor for the project. This is a story of Community, Collaboration and Climate Solutions.

A link to the 'Safe as houses' story is here as well.

We don't have time to be complacent. The climate is changing due to the release of greenhouse gas emissions through human activity. Water expands as it warms (thermal expansion) and glaciers and ice sheets begin to liquify in a warming world. This leads to rising sea-levels, and more extreme and erratic weather. We must adapt to our changing world while reducing our impact. The Climate Safe House project is one solution and we're working hard on it.





Our Successes in 2016

Blueskin Bay 1280x845Launch of the Climate Safe House project
In 2016 we launched the Climate Safe House project, a response to sea-level rise in Dunedin and coastal New Zealand. We aim to research, design and construct a New Zealand blueprint.

This is a multi-decade project addressing housing and vulnerable populations as coast lines change as a result of climate change and involves a growing list of partners. From 2016 - 2020 we have four goals:

1. Conduct research into the existing housing stock in flood hazard zones; the perception of flood risk by residents in flood hazard zones, and; plans for a possible future response to flood risk by residents in flood hazard zones.

2. Design and construct a house that is: healthy to live in; affordable; transportable, modular and energy efficient.

3. Engage with students, residents and decision makers

4. Provide a blueprint for future house builders and for other organisations.

If you are interested in helping out, making a donation or sponsoring some part of the project, please be in touch via the Trust office. Tel: 03 4822048 / email: office@brct.org.nz


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