February 2014 News

BEL logo shortShould we change the title of this column, now that BRCT has formed a company, (Blueskin Energy Limited) to take our wind ambitions through to development? Ah, but there’s more to what BRCT is doing in energy than just the wind cluster. So in the same-named column this month I am going to talk about some of the other energy activity, with only a brief catch up on the wind work. The brief bit is that BRCT has been busy with a whole heap of formalities establishing Blueskin Energy Ltd, to ensure we start out the way we intend to continue, with clear accounts and systems. The company may only have one shareholder (BRCT) at this stage, but we want to ensure that accountabilities and procedures are in properly place. It may be straightforward, but there are formalities to be observed. There has been a small glitch with data collection at the 30 metre tower on Porteous Hill which has required the replacement of some batteries but fortunately with no risk of data loss. By the time this column is published we will have secured 12 months of uninterrupted data from the 30 metre tower and almost 3 years of data from the 10 metre tower – all of which will be used in March/April to provide a robust generation estimate from the site. This is essential to fine-tune the project. The Resource Consent application has not yet been submitted and has been delayed until we have all the necessary independent expert reports complete.

In solar, we are noting an upsurge in enquiries and interest, and continuing growth in solar installation throughout Blueskin is being reported. Purchase of solar panels for the BRCT office is imminent, and we hope installation can follow promptly. We need to work with our landlord (Waitati School) on the grid-connection arrangements.

BRCT is looking into a community firewood supply to help address fuel poverty issues in the community and will prepare a simple business plan later in the year.

Our community energy advice continues (telephone and online) and we continue to maintain a bunch of resources at the BRCT office, free to everyone. We are also now able to offer the services of nationally certified “Home Performance Advisors”, who, for a fee, can provide residents with high quality, individualised advice, and a robust set of recommendations and actions to help improve the performance of their home and quality of their life. Meanwhile, our work with ‘Cosy Homes’ continues, as outlined in the BRCT column. In short, there’s plenty of energy going into community energy! 

To stay in touch with developments, subscribe to our BRCT update (you will be taken to the subscribe page of our 'Blueskin Energy Project', as we are in the process of moving this across to this site) or pop into the office at 1121 Mt Cargill Rd, Waitati. For any information about solar email solar@blueskinpower.co.nz and for energy advice email energyadvice@blueskinpower.co.nz.Telephone enquiries can be made on 4822048. We love to have visitors!