May 2013 News

2013 05 29 12.39.51 Terry JonesI was pleased recently to be able to look at the proposed site with Terry Jones, OtagoNet’s ‘Network Manager’ (see inset photo). Terry was in Blueskin to look at the local network, appraise the substation, and get a feel for what upgrades are urgent. We took the opportunity to visit Porteous Hill. Although Terry has been helping closely with the project (for years), it was the first time he had visited the site and he was impressed at how close the 33kV lines are to the proposed site. This proximity will make connection very simple. And right now, evaluating the length of the trench for the underground cable to connect to the 33kV lines is just one of the small but crucial details that need to be included in the description of the project.

Wind monitoring on Porteous Hill is helping build up a rich picture of the generation potential for the Blueskin wind cluster project. This year has started out with moderately low wind and our measurements are now helping us to better understand the risk profile of the project. As electricity generated from any wind cluster will have to be sold into the market, and a wind cluster needs important capital investment in order to be built, it is important to know what the chances of low wind are and how low wind will affect income. We now have two complete months of data from the 30 metre tower. The proposed wind cluster development is not a short term project. In fact wind development has much in common with forestry development, with renewal (new or repowered turbines) every 20 years or so (like replanting trees in a forestry block). This means that costs and benefits are viewed over a long period and the first in depth analysis of wind potential at Porteous is still some months away.

Preparatory work on the Resource Consent application has begun. The process for a Resource Consent is: professional appraisal of any effects (positive or negative) of the proposed project and meetings with nearest landowners; preparation of an application for submission to the DCC; preliminary appraisal and (usually) public notification so that people can make submissions in support or opposing the proposed project; after a standard period a Council hearing is held with the applicant and other submitters speaking; the Resource Consent committee makes its decision. That’s the formal bit. To date however, we’ve sought community input on a whole range of non RMA issues, like concept, investment, and goverance to ensure wide participation and to be sure there’s a strong community mandate. Open days, surveys, fundraising all show exceptionally strong community support. However it is important that we hear from anyone who hasn’t felt heard so far, because we need to have as much participation as possible. Please get in touch, we love to get opinion, ideas and more people involved!

The Solar project has also been progressed and BRCT has just produced and emailed out a leaflet setting out the simple solar options for people interested in installing solar electricity (solar PV) or solar hot water (solar thermal). It is exciting to see solar installations already happening in Blueskin and to have a range of options that just make the solar choice simple. Funding options are also detailed and these are not just limited to solar but to a range of small scale generation and eco-home options.

Visit us at the office at 1121 Mt Cargill Rd, Waitati. Telephone enquiries can be made on 4822048 (the Wind Cluster) and for any information about the solar project email

By Scott Willis