Our Operations

On the ground we have three members of staff and four contractors:

Scott Willis (Manager)
Scott transferred from academia to practical action in 2008, when he helped establish the Blueskin Resilient Communities Trust and became its manager. An MA in social anthropology (and speciality in rural sociology, along with study in geography and philosophy) has helped him navigate the challenges of establishing and maintaining a small charitable NGO. Since late 2009 his principal work has been project management of the Blueskin wind development, while building a stronger operational team and ensuring delivery of BRCT objectives. Scott is passionate about community, collaborative effort and confronting the great challenge of climate change. Scott also serves on the board of the Otago Chamber of Commerce and is a Trustee on the Cosy Homes Charitable Trust.

Camilla Cox (Policy)
Camilla Cox is a policy analyst and systems auditor with particular expertise in strategic planning and risk management. She started her working career at the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment and subsequently moved to the Ministry of Fisheries, working on establishing its marine biosecurity capability and developing the risk management framework for marine biosecurity, the marine biosecurity strategy and, later, the New Zealand Biosecurity Strategy. Camilla has worked part time since 2014 as a quality systems auditor as well as recently ending a term at the DCC which focussed on implementing the Dunedin Energy Plan. She is a volunteer member of the BRCT team. 

Alfie West (Communications and IT)
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Katharina Achterberg (Contractor - Cosy Homes programme)
Kat moved to Dunedin from Germany in 2014, where she worked as a freelance translator specialising in law and engineering. Her BSc (Hons) in Environmental Studies and a Diploma in Environmental Policy have provided her with a wide overview of the environmental science and the challenges and opportunities of community and NGO work. She was Projects Coordinator for BRCT for several years and now works on contract for BRCT.

Michael Gaffney (Home Performance Advisor - Cosy Homes programme)
Michaelʻs background is in research and education. His interest in home performance came through his involvement with the North East Valley Community Development Project where ongoing community consultation showed that cold and damp homes was as the biggest community concern raised by residents. His work with the valley playgroup reinforced the impact of poor housing on the health of children. In 2015 he joined the College of Education at the University of Otago, where he is teaching in the early childhood programme.

Beverly Ohline (Home Performance Advisor - Cosy Homes programme)
Bev’s background includes work in endangered species protection, Native American legal rights and civil rights for persons with disabilities. She moved to Dunedin 10 years ago and spent her first year living with her family in Waitati before moving to the Northeast Valley. She worked at the Aquarium in Portobello, did volunteer counseling with Budget Advice and advocacy with the Citizen’s Advice Bureau. When she heard about The Valley’s cooperation with BRCT and the Cosy Homes Project she was eager to get involved. She hopes the Home Performance Assessments will help individuals learn what to look for when choosing a place to buy or rent as well as what can be done to make an average New Zealand house into a warmer, drier and more healthy home. 

Virgina Driver (Home Performance Advisor - Cosy Homes programme)