April 2013

Annual Plan 2013 p1The start of the new financial year (April 1st) is where we set the annual work plan (see inset image of the front page of our annual plan). This year, funding support from the Lottery Grants Board, the Otago Community Trust and the Hikurangi Foundation have ensured we can begin our year well. Our annual plan is ambitious and we want to thank these key supporters of our community work.

Our Annual General Meeting is earlier this year than in previous years, to keep in line with our financial year. BRCT's mission is "to strengthen our communities in the immediate, mid and long-term future with emphasis on energy, food, water and community resilience". One of our long-standing Trustees is stepping down at this AGM and BRCT is inviting expressions of interest from those in the community who would be prepared to serve on the Trust. If you want more information or want to indicate an interest in serving on the Trust please contact us at the office: 1121 Mt Cargill Rd, Waitati (on Waitati School grounds), email us or telephone us on 4822048. The AGM date is Friday the 31st of May, and it will be held at 7.30pm at Waitati Hall. All welcome.

We also want to acknowledge the good work put in by the A&P society at their recent ‘Blueskin on show’ day in Bland Park. They did an excellent job of pulling together the wide range of community organisations, local businesses, schools, etc and arranged perfect weather! Thank you for all your hard work. Most community interest at the BRCT stall was in: the Blueskin wind cluster; Climate Change Planning; Energy Advice; Solar Syndicate.

In March and April BRCT was invited to present in two national forums, the Wind Energy Association Conference and the Philanthropy Conference. Both forums provided good platforms but also, more importantly, opportunities to meet inspirational individuals, big-hearted philanthropists, and enthusiastic support organisations.