Engagement Toolkit

BRCT Toolkit for Community Engagement front cover2Here is our 2012 report on Blueskin People Power (you will be taken to our Blueskin Energy Project website, just click on the link 'Blueskin People Power: A toolkit for community engagement' for the document).

We were contracted in 2011 by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority to produce a "Toolkit for Community Engagement". This report documents the formal engagement process to boost community participation in our wind cluster project, draws on NZ and international research, and measures the 'fit' between community engagement and the regulatory environment. The report is co-authored with Janet Stephenson (Centre for Sustainability, University of Otago), Ros Day (Rosalind Day Environmental Planning) alongside BRCT's Scott Willis. The Otago Community Trust and long term partners the Akina Foundation both supported our community engagement during this period.

The formal engagement process was undertaken only after extensive informal engagement and wide community participation in the project beginning as early as 2006. It is not a requirement prior to making an application for Resource Consent. The Trust sought a formal engagement process in order to understand and evaluate the level of community support for the wind cluster project and to guide the Trust on decisions related to the project.